Medical Care Locations Throughout North East Louisiana

West Carroll Health Systems is a collection of different care facilities across the state of Louisiana. We have had great success in the region, helping people with all different kinds of healthcare services, from routine care to emergency room services and everything in between.

One of the main reasons we have built such a positive reputation in the community is our diverse and talented staff. When you visit our West Carroll Hospital, you will find ten physicians on staff, all with incredible experience and caring personalities. We maintain 24/7 emergency room coverage to meet the needs of our community at any time. Each rural health clinic we operate across the state is also staffed with a mid-level practitioner to assist physicians in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Meet every member of our team below, and call us today to set up an appointment with any of our doctors.

Call us today to get care at any of our facilities. (318) 428-3237