Our Clinics Provide Valuable Healthcare Services To The Communities We Serve West Carroll Health Systems has six health clinics located in Oak Grove and Louisiana and Eudora, Arkansas.  Our clinics provide professional health care to residents by offering various services including: · Physician services · Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners · Laboratory services · Social services · Transportation service                                                                      (Click On Any Picture To See More)              West Carroll Medical Clinic                                              Oak Grove Medical Clinic        522 Ross St,  Oak Grove, La  71263                          708 East Main St.  Oak Grove,  La  71263                Phone:  (318) 428-2358                                                       Phone (318) 428-3200                   Eudora Medical Clinic                                                Community Medical Clinic      200 South Main St.  Eudora, Ar  71640                         712 Setton St.  Oak Grove, La  71263                 Phone (870) 355-2300                                                    Phone:  (318) 428-2341                                                               Lake Providence Medical Clinic                                                 318 Hood St.  Lake Providence, La  71253                                                                    Phone (318) 559-1221